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This is a joint venture involving my son(14) and I. I have been a massage therapist and personal trainer for about 10 and 7 years, respectively. My son and I were just going about and enjoying our lives when Covid struck. Personally, I caught the OG strain before any of the shutdowns, and between all the coughing and upchucking, suffered a hernia right next to my belly button. To anyone who hasn't felt what that is like, just know that I would rather get my foot\ankle run over by a car again than go through another hernia. Needless to say, physical work was out of the question. And then the Quarantines started. We managed to get through while doing everything online and dipping into savings, and eventually retirement monies. Now that the shutdowns are over, I'm trying to teach my son how to survive without having to be in-person, and of course, I want to put away a nest egg to leave to him.
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